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Our products mimic natural principles

Greenfield Water Solutions creates products that put life force energy back into your tap water. Our goal and our promise is to deliver to you information and products that are congruent with nature and truly life enhancing for your body, soul and mind.


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Brandon - Regional Manager, Greenfield Water Solutions, & Personal Trainer

Brandon is the regional manager for Greenfield water solutions and will be handling all of your water filtration needs. He has a passion for health and wellness and believes the start of that is to start with your water!!!! Water is the life blood of the earth and all living things. Pure water can be defined as water in it’s natural, balanced state, both energetically and materially, yet, cleansed of matter and energy that isn’t congruent with nature. Water in its natural state has a complex structure which enables it to carry nutrients, both in physical and energetic states for the purpose of feeding, cleaning and protecting everything it mingles with. Water is present everywhere on earth and in the heavens, constantly sustaining, energizing and rejuvenating all life processes.

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Gary - Owner of Greenfield Water Solutions

Gary is extremely passionate about health and wellness and has developed water solutions and other products that remove hard water and contaminants and put life force energy back into your tap water. Our goal and promise to deliver information and products that are congruent with nature life enhancing for your body soul and mind.

It’s no secret that tap water in our world today contains many contaminants and impurities that are detrimental to our health and energy. Our structured water filters go beyond just water purification – they create clean, healthy, life enhancing water by combining traditional physical filtration methods with innovative vortex and energy transfer principles.

“I have a complete peace of mind knowing that my Greenfield Naturals structured water filter is delivering to me clean pure structured water as close to nature as possible.”

-Ben Greenfield (Founder of Ben Greenfield Fitness & Kion)